Kom og bli en del av familien!

Å være en guide er både en spennende og utfordrende jobb! Du må trives sammen med mennesker, være positiv og humørfylt, og ikke minst villig til å yte det lille ekstra for gjestene. Du må også kunne håndtere stressende situasjoner og noen ganger vanskelige gjester. I tillegg må du elske å formidle gode historier og selvfølgelig være sulten på kunnskap om alt som trenges for å være et godt vertskap for våre gjester. Til gjengjeld vil du oppleve at gjestene vil elske deg!

Våre guideoppdrag er svært varierte og omfatter så vel turer for cruiseskip som oppdrag for næringsliv og konferanser. Er dette noe for deg, i så fall kontakt oss: post@guidecompaniet.no


Having married a patriotic Norwegian it was inevitable that we settled in her West Coast hometown when she retired just a few years ago.  When living in Asia previously,  I was a qualified guide at major museums in Jakarta and Manila.  With that background I am delighted to have become a local region guide to share my knowledge of Norwegian history, modern life, culture and its outdoor beauty.  This is a continuing learning process and I become enriched because of that. Also I find it stimulating to meet visitors with varying life experiences and backgrounds from other parts of the world, and who desire interesting tours to learn something of this majestic country.  I always strive to make those experiences convivial, memorable and enjoyable for all.

Kirsti Asbjørnsen

I have been working as a guide for 8 years and it is a fantastic job. It is a privilege to meet so many nice people and show them our beautiful district. This is a versatile job where we have a big variety of assignments during a year. We have guests from all over the world coming here. Based on my experience most people who come to Norway, and also Stavanger, come here due to the nature and landscape. Fjords and mountains are often a common feature. As we work in all of Rogaland we get around a lot. No days are equal even though we do the same tours, and this is also one of the things that make the job so interesting. You also constantly learn something new meeting people from different cultures.


I arrived in Stavanger in 1980 as newly-wed to my Norwegian husband and I started as a guide 3 years ago after a career in the oil industry. I enjoy very much to show this town and the Rogaland region as it allows me to meet with interesting guests and address many aspects of this coastal region full of so many historic landmarks from the iron age, the viking era, the shipping and the canning industries as well as the ongoing oil and gas industry. My ambition is to be able to answer all kinds of questions about history and also how we live our everyday´s life here. Guiding and being guided is  a learning experience that make people connect in a very good way.


I have been working as Chinese guide for over 5 years. This fantastic job encourages me to gain and share my knowledge from the local history and culture. The most interesting about this work is that let me meet many new people from different places and help them enjoy and learn more about the Norwegian culture and nature. Hiking trips on the pulpit rock and standing between the gorgeous fjords make the unforgettable memory in my journey. As a Chinese who is living in Norway, I am happy and proud of showing the Chinese tourists our unique and beautiful Norwegian landscape.


Working as a guide in Fjord Norway has been a great experience for me. Stavanger has been my home for a decade and being able to show others what the Stavanger Region is like makes me feel like a Siddis – a proud local. Guests’ curiosity makes the job exciting because I must constantly learn new things in order to answer all their questions about Norwegian culture, society, and nature. If I am unable to answer a question from a field of expertise, sometimes I learn from a member of the group and make note for future tours! The best thing about the weather in the region is that it is very unlikely to see the same scene in the same light several times. This means every picture of this beautiful region is unique, as are all the guests that travel here.


My name is Lars. I came to Stavanger from Denmark because of love and oil, as my better half works in the oil industry. Having worked a few years in the oil industry myself, I have some insights to share with my guests. Further I come from a very similar society in Denmark, yet so very different. As a guide I combine this experience with my educational background as a historian and give my guests both the inside and the outside view of life in Stavanger and Norway at the same time.

Functioning as a guide I really get to utilise all my previous experiences and share my love for Norway. Having visited and hiked in Norway since early childhood, showing of that part of Norwegian life is truly great. Being a guide, it feels like I am an ambassador for my new home country to visitors from around the world.


I am in my fourth year of working as a Guide and I love it!  Although I am originally from the UK, my previous career of 30 years as a Geologist in the oil industry gave me the opportunity to make Norway my home 13 years ago.  It is wonderful to be able to show guests from around the world my Norway.  From the ancient legends of Vikings deeds, through tales of our city in medieval times to life in modern-day Norway, there is so much to tell.

Did you know Stavanger is becoming known globally for its excellent local produce?  Surrounded by water on three sides of the city, seafood, of course plays a major role; however, we also pride ourselves on the Jæren farm produce. Where there was once herring warehouses and canning workshops, we now have many independent artisans crafting cheeses, chocolates, beer and even chilli seasonings – come and taste with us!


Hi, I am Susanne Kruse and have been working as a tour guide at the ports of Stavanger and Haugesund since 2016. I love to meet different people from all over the world and to share my knowledge and passion about our beautiful area with visitors. My goal is to enable you to see my home area through the eyes of a local! I have a university degree in ecology and as a certified tour guide I want my guests to have a memorable experience that is both educational and entertaining. With its rich maritime, cultural and industrial history, the beautiful coastline and idyllic islands, the majestic mountains and fjords nearby, this part of Norway has a lot to offer for everyone. It’s a really great place to visit! I hope to see you soon!


I’m here to make your visit to our corner of Norway memorable, educational and safe and to give you a compelling desire to come back for more.  Culture, celebrations, history, landscapes, Vikings, mountain valleys, islands and fjords, tasty delicacies, we have it all in abundance. With me you’ll get a Norwegian lesson and help you may need with finding long-lost relatives here.  You’ll enjoy stories from history and from my family.  Any interest in the oil industry?  I’m a retired petroleum engineer.  Questions about Norway? I’m an American-Norwegian married to a Norwegian-American and have 44 years here and background also as a teacher.  Interested in hiking, biking, the outdoors, the environment, or climbing to PulpitRock? I’ve led treks and nature walks since I was on Boy Scout summer camp staff in Japan including stints as a national park ranger naturalist in the US Rockies and the Japan Alps. Welcome!


I received my guide certificate in 2000 and have never since got tired of presenting Stavanger to the rest of the world. The Ice Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the "Herring Age" and the "Canning Age" are all to be found here. And of course the Petroleum Age to be experienced not only at the fabulous Oil Museum (my soft spot, actually, I always enjoy bringing tourists there) but in the everyday life of the city. There is also this nature to take your breath away…Being a guide gives a unique opportunity to meet lots of interesting people stimulating me to expand my knowledge and helping me with their often unexpected questions to keep myself updated at all times rather than degenerating into an old  record player reeling off the same tune over and over again.


I have been working as a guide for 2 years since I retired from the Oil & Gas Industry after a 40 year career. Guiding is now my second career and I am loving every minute of it! I am originally from England, my wife is Norwegian and Stavanger has been my home since 1989. Stavanger is a great place to live, our house is by the fjord and we see the Cruise ships sail past every day during the season, so it is a pleasure for me to now be able to show guests around the city and surrounding area, sharing information on all aspects of Stavanger’s history, scenery and general life in Norway. So far I have been lucky enough to lead a variety of bus, boat & walking tours, and as our guests ask such interesting questions I always learn something new from every tour and that motivates me to do research and find out more.


Ciao, I’m from Puglia (Southern Italy) and I am following windy places. I have been working as a guide for 3 years and I love it. Norway is a beautiful country with a different culture and landscape from Italy. It is my pleasure to tell the history of this Nation and of Stavanger city because they are hosting me since 2015. This job is giving to me the opportunity to know every time something new from the nature but especially from the people that are coming every season. Share our past and our present and show up with my eyes where I’m living and what I am doing is something special. It is also nice to listen the first impression about this country so exotic for some people. Create link between Preikestolen and Colosseum is for me motivating and very interesting.